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Over 50 Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Welcome to Suja Shoei Industries Private Limited, a distinguished joint venture in collaboration with Shoei Corporation Japan. With a rich heritage dating back to 1971, we have evolved into an industry leader with a global presence. With six cutting-edge manufacturing plants strategically located across four key locations, we employ a skilled workforce of approximately 1150 professionals dedicated to excellence. 

At Suja Shoei Industries, our core expertise lies in the precision engineering of polymer components for safety critical applications, catering notably to the automotive, trucks and heavy vehicles, as well as the two-wheeler segments. We take pride in our commitment to innovation, quality, and unwavering dedication to meet the evolving needs of our clientele.

Our Products

Technical Rubber Parts

Pioneering excellence in technical rubber solutions, including automotive bellows for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers.


Driving innovation through advanced diaphragm solutions.

Metal to Rubber Bonded Parts

Forging seamless connections with metal-to-rubber bonded precision parts.

Sealing Parts (O Rings, Gaskets)

Empowering automotive and heavy vehicle sectors with reliable sealing solutions – from O-rings to gaskets – ensuring peak performance and durability in every application.

We manufacture Precision Engineered Polymer Components for Critical Applications

Our Contributions

Industries Segments We Serve!

We are at the forefront of delivering excellence to the automotive passenger car segment. Our expertise encompasses a range of critical components tailored to enhance vehicle performance and safety. From precision-engineered Sealing Parts that include O-rings and gaskets, to Protective Parts designed to safeguard vital systems, our commitment to quality ensures unparalleled reliability.

Two Wheeler Fuel Pump Assembly - Engine

We manufacture a diverse range of components that play a crucial role in elevating the performance and reliability of two-wheelers. From Insulators to bleed screw caps ensuring smooth brake maintenance, our products are engineered to perfection. Boots designed to protect critical components, Reservoir Diaphragms that enhance fluid management, and Wheel Cylinder Boots that fortify brake systems.

We manufacture a comprehensive array of components vital for the optimal performance of these robust machines. From Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Management Sealing Parts that ensure efficiency and durability, to Protective Parts and Diaphragms that safeguard critical systems, our products stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. 

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