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We are a renowned presence in the manufacturing industry, focusing on producing high-quality lubricating oil pumps, manual fuel cock assemblies, engine auto chain tensioners, and engine oil drain plugs. Our expertise extends to both automotive and non-automotive sectors, where our specialized products stand out for their exceptional performance and reliability. Notably, these superior components have earned the trust of well-known original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), underlining our commitment to delivering excellence in engineering and innovation.

Our Innovations

Assembly for Engine Management

Engine Management
(Oil Pump Assembly)

Efficient engine management is the heartbeat of every vehicle or machinery, and at the core of this functionality lies the Oil Pump Assembly. Our Oil Pump Assembly is a testament to precision engineering, ensuring the consistent and reliable circulation of oil to vital engine components. Our Oil Pump Assembly is designed to optimize engine performance, enhance lubrication, and extend the life of critical engine parts.

Engine Management
(Adjuster Chain Tensioner)

Our Adjuster Chain Tensioner plays a pivotal role in maintaining the precision and harmony of engine components. By ensuring optimal chain tension and facilitating smooth power transmission, our tensioner contributes to enhanced performance, reduced wear, and extended engine life. Choose our Adjuster Chain Tensioner for its engineering excellence, reliability, and the assurance of top-tier engine management.